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Real Estate Appraisal


GCV is competent to appraise a wide range of property types and specializes in special purpose properties with a significant business component. We can also appraise other property types, including retail, multifamily, office, and industrial.  

Business Valuation

GCV can perform business valuations for a wide range of purposes:

  • To support SBA or conventional bank loans;

  • For business owners wanting to sell their business;

  • For business owners planning their estates or who see the advantage of  planning  for the eventual sale of the business;

  • For division of assets in a divorce or for other reasons.


Going Concern Appraisal

GCV offers the only appraiser in Western New York (Franz Ross) with the highest qualification in real estate appraisal (MAI designation) combined with such qualifications in business valuation (CBA and CVA).  GCV recognizes that in many cases, the Going Concern has greater value than the underlying real estate and business combined, as risks are eliminated when the business and real estate have common ownership. 


When valuing real estate where there is a business component, there is only one appraiser qualified in both disciplines in Western New York:


Franz H. Ross, CBA, CVA, MAI 


Business owners are offered help by investment professionals in managing their accounts probably too often, but management of the "one stock portfolio" that is their business is often neglected.  Call or email Franz for a free consultation.

Tel: 716-440-1966

20 Bidwell Parkway, 

Buffalo, NY 14222

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