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Real Estate Appraisal

GCV provides appraisal and consulting services for all types of real estate including the traditional commercial property types (industrial, multifamily, office, and retail), while specializing in more complex property types.  

Business Valuation

Business valuation involves  the determination of fair market value of a business that leases its physical location, or a business with only a virtual location on the Internet.  We can provide fair market value of the equity or of the assets of the business.  In cases where shares are being bought or sold, fair value of minority interests are applicable in many cases.  GCV has a wide range of experience in valuing many types of businesses. 

Going Concern Valuation

Going Concerns are properties where the business operation is owned by the same person or entity as the real estate.  (If the owner creates separate entities for the real estate and business, such structures are usually going concerns, since the creation of the entities is done for reasons of convenience.  For example, many owners will charge a relatively high rent to their business, and the owner takes much of his or her compensation as rent rather than pay, since no Social Security must be paid on rent.  

Who We Serve

Accountants, Attorneys, Consultants

When it comes to providing reliable valuation services for your business clients, GCV can help. GCV works with many different types of professional service providers to ensure that their clients receive the proper guidance when their asset values need to be determined.

Business and Property Owners

Managing your one-stock portfolio: If you are buying, selling, or planning for the future, please contact us.  Business owners get little consulting regarding the value of their businesses or regarding a strategy to maximize value. GCV provides initial consultations at no charge.  

Appraisers and Assessors

If you are an appraiser who has been engaged for appraisal of a complex property type for which you have limited experience, GCV can in many cases provide material assistance in the completion of the appraisal. 

Assessors are faced with difficult issues in valuing complex properties for assessment purposes.  We can provide benchmarks for asset allocations even when the property owner is not making financial information available.  

Lenders and Banks

Many smaller banks have just a few appraisers on their approved list, making coverage of all property types difficult.  When appraising a complex property, going with a national firm can be costly, and does not necessarily assure a well documented appraisal.  GCV has experience in many complex property types, and would be a great addition to your approved appraisers list!


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